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Business Process Management

Change is inevitable, and on top of it, hard to implement. That's where our BPM practice comes into play. Our consultants are trained to look beyond the problem, identify the key integration points and provide a holistic approach to tackle complex infrastructures and projects.

Our BPM practice is thoroughly adept with bringing in the change with the minimal disruptions; be it from technology front or from the organizational culture stand point. We target various issues surrounding the projects including collaboration and use of the best business processes available, open communication platform so as to completely simplify the business needs and also to entertain client interference as much as possible, creating processes to minimize risk and indemnify the best performance.

Our BPM practice is divided into three major areas:

“We at Skillsessential, invest ourselves entirely in our client’s success, creating strong collaborative relationships that deliver extraordinary value year after year.”

Systems and Business Analysis

Starting from the project Initiation right to the deployment, our management consultants are very well versed with the whole SDLC and how to carry out the business analysis.A problem well analyzed and understood is the problem well solved.That's where our management consultants bring value to the project team.

Program and Project Management

Whether it is time and material project or a fixed rate project, Skillsessential can help carry out your project activities. Our project managers are extensively qualified with Program and Project management knowledge and experience and have delivered projects ranging from $2m in budget to $200m.

Quality Assurance and Control

At every step of the project, our main focus never deviates from providing our clients a quality product. Our Quality practice is well equipped with making sure that the controls are always in place to deliver a quality product. At skillsessentials our consultants are trained on both automated and manual procedures for testing.