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IT Infrastructure Consulting

Our mission is Technology Elucidation. We strive to make the process clear, simple and business focused by providing talented and qualified resources. Our IT consulting team is backed by years of experience and are geared with latest technology tools to handle projects in diverse industries and varied fields. We have worked on projects of all scales smaller or larger from simple to complex Including systems integration, legacy infrastructure replacements, data marts and data warehouses, trading systems and platforms etc.

We keep our consultants abreast of the latest technology platforms by consistently providing them with internal and external training programs, so that they can bring the best to the clients and hit the ground running right from the beginning. By choosing Skillsessential, our clients not only choose the best of the breed, but also at who fit exactly to the job description.

Our IT Infrastructure is divided into three major areas:

“We at Skillsessential, invest ourselves entirely in our client’s success, creating strong collaborative relationships that deliver extraordinary value year after year.”

Corporate Systems Integration (CSI)

Its been proven time and again that no benefit can be achieved without proper integration of the systems. Whether there is a need for integrating the systems after a major merger or integrating a new product with the existing infrastructure, the planning and implementation of such a project needs thorough thought process and a focused approach.

Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

In the current competitive business environment, it has become imperative to use your critical information to the best possible manner. However, for almost every industry, the volume of data at every stage has grown exponentially and is becoming more and more complex every passing day. Maintaining the data integrity and mining it for useful information has become utmost essential to improve business performance.

Web Services Management

In today's era, where the web traffic is increasing day to day, there is an ever increasing requirement to identify the customer behavior through cultured data mining techniques and tools. Skillsessential has been working collaboratively with all its clients and associates to simplify the whole process chart and filter out the required data in an extended and described way.